Victoria Hospital, Near City Market, Fort Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002


  • Beware and ensure that the deceased meets the eligibility criteria
  • Suggest and get the consensus of willingness amongst heirs of the deceased to donate the skin.
  • Call the Helpline of Skin Bank or MahaBhodhi Burn centre @ Victoria Hospital within 4 hours, preferably 2 hours from the last breath.
  • Identify a suitable secluded place within the residence and provide a bench or a narrow bedstead for the ease of swift harvesting of skin by the dedicated team coming from the Skin Bank
  • Arrange for the receiving the team from Skin Bank and meet the heirs for an informed consent
  • Allow the team to harvest the skin in a dignified manner from the selected parts of the body which does not interfere with customary last rites and dressing of the parts.
  • Collect the “Certificate of Honour” in the name of deceased for saving someone’s life – which can be framed to be put up on the wall.


Skin Donation Consent Form