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Donate Kin’s Skin

You had been generous and graceful in pledging to donate your your skin after your life and We pray for you to live 100 eventful years. During this, be aware of those of your dear ones who had pledged their skin, cornea and/or Organs and stay by them after death to fulfill their divine wish to it’s meaningful end. May be it is challenging task when it comes to make the grieving family to accept the fact and make such decisions to donate in the hour grief, but that hour makes a difference between life and death for someone else who is still fighting the battle of survival in some hospital.

If you find yourself in such situation of having lost a kith or kin, make the bold move to take your family members into confidence to collectively make the decision to donate within the first 4 critical hours. Earlier the better because, the harvesting team have to reach your place and be able to harvest the same in the most dignified manner possible.

It was decided that any person above the age of 16 years will be accepted as skin donor after death if behavioral and medical history and serological testing of the deceased ruled out the following conditions.