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You Pledging skin today means your are destined to save someone’s life one day. It also means you are relieving someone’s pain from burns or trauma. The burns or trauma don’t come with any warnings nor does it choose a particular, it is often unforeseen fire incident or an accident that can affect anyone, that can be any of us isn’t it?!


You can register for a Donor Card at and mention on it that you want to be a skin donor too. Tick the box that says Skin Donation. The skin donation can be carried out irrespective once the call is made to the Skin Bank after Death.
Save a life

Save a life

Skin donation can be a life saver for people in need of transplants due to Burns , skin donation gives a new lease of life to those whose skin damage cannot be repaired through natural regenerative process, like in cases of severe burns

Donate your Skin, Save Burn Victim

More that 7 million people in India suffer from burn injuries every year. 80% of these are women and children. Amongst these are acid victims, dowry victims, accident victims and others whose skin has been badly burnt. It is the second largest group of injuries after road accidents, and every year nearly 1 to 1.5 lakh people get crippled and require multiple surgeries and prolonged rehabilitation due to burn injuries. Out of the 10% of these which are life threatening, around half will succumb to their injuries.

So what can you do about it? A lot. You can pledge to donate your skin after your death. You can make a skin donation of a loved one after they die and help someone get their life back. And it will cost you nothing but a little time.

Human without skin v2

We WITHOUT SKIN! just think!! what can happen?

Body Tissues get exposed to environment and infections, Body’s water will evaporate to dry and desiccate, Body looses temperature control to become cold and stop functioning  leading to death within few days if not hours! is it NOT?.
That is what happens to Burn/Trauma victims when they loose skin more than 40% of body surface area and if they are not promptly covered with skin. Hence the first SKIN BANK in Karnataka was LONG OVERDUE to help the Surgeons to save as many of those Burns & Trauma Victims.

Finally, Rotary club of Bangalore Midtown realized the need and took the initiative Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Ltd funded it, National Burn Centre, Mumbai mentored it the South India’s biggest Burns centre at Victoria hospital of BMCRI got KARNATAKA’s 1’st SKIN BANK ROATARY ASHIRVAD BMCRI SKIN BANK

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Emergency Helpine

You can call our Helpline number for Skin Donation after Donate

Over half of the people you will see today are registered donors – are you?