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Skin Donation Pledge Form

agree to pledge my skin, by donating my skin after my death. I grant permission for the recovery of my skin for purposes of transplantation and research.

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just think!!

what can happen?!

Body Tissues get exposed to environment and infections, Body’s water will evaporate to dry and desiccate, Body looses temperature control to become cold and stop functioning  leading to death within few days if not hours! is it NOT?.

That is what happens to Burn/Trauma victims when they loose skin more than 40% of body surface area and if they are not promptly covered with skin.

Hence the first SKIN BANK in Karnataka was LONG OVERDUE to help the Surgeons to save as many of those Burns & Trauma Victims.

Finally, Rotary club of Bangalore Midtown realized the need and took the initiative Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Ltd funded it, National Burn Centre, Mumbai mentored it the South India’s biggest Burns centre at Victoria hospital of BMCRI got KARNATAKA’s 1’st SKIN BANK ROATARY ASHIRVAD BMCRI SKIN BANK

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