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Being aware and keeping the family, relatives and friends also aware of the following points is the key to be safe and make a sensible decision in the hour of grief.

1) Risk of Fire accidents 2) Fire accidents causes skin burns 3) Skin burn can causes pain, skin loss, infections. 4) More than 40% body area burn can cause loss of body water. Temp and Immunity against infection. 5) More than 40% burn can be fatal if not treated properly including the use of Cadaver skin during 1st , 2nd and 3rdweek to protect the body.


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Well, now you are aware, motivated and know the 7 easy steps to donate the skin of your kith or kin. As you know, all it takes to set the process of donation, dignified harvesting, processing, saving and dispensing the skin to the needy is one donation phone call from you at the right time. However, alternatively you can submit this simple form to receive a phone call from our dedicated team from the SKIN BANK to take the process forward.

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Rotary Ashirvad BMCRI Skin Bank is keen dispense the skin with minimal process but maximum due diligence of its usage to avoid any misuse. All it takes is a formal request from a registered USER, for a specific patient with the details of the beneficiary as per the request form given below.

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